Director’s view

“The Four Altars” seeks to show two great themes: the first one is to expose the urgent attention that the Amazon and the planet need due to the over-exploitation of resources; the second one is the transformation of consciousness through Sacred Plants.

Through Ana’s story and the discovery of her own self- knowledge journey, we can observe the complexity of the human behavior and its capacity for constant change. In the search for happiness, we feed a system that is increasingly distorted that takes us away from the essence of what it means to be human.

During her trip to Peru, Ana unexpectedly discovers the world of sacred plants, generating a profound transformation in her vision of life and her priorities. Highly sensitized during her trip to the Amazon, she witnesses the ecological crime committed there every day and decides to do everything she can to change it.

To bring awareness and respect for the planet, plants and all living things is the intention of this project. We know that through this story we can create empathy to turn the gaze of society towards these problematics that our world is facing.

We trust that a powerful film can transform the outlook of our viewers. The purpose of this film is not only to entertain but to expand consciousness on people and society.