cast-silkeSilke Klein

She began her journey in the world of cinema in the movie “Orquesta Club Virginia” of Manuel Iborra. In the 90s she received recognition after working on “Tierra”, with Julio Medem and also after starring in “Hola, ¿estás sola?” by Icíar Bollaín. In 2001 she received the award for best female performance for “Tre Mogli” of Marco Risi at the International Festival of Fort Lauderdale. She has completed twenty feature films to date. At the highest point of her career she became disenchanted with the film industry and decided to retire. After ten years, she came out of retirement to star in the principal role for the “The Four Altars”.

Damian Alcázar
Don Abel

Mexican actor and politician, Damian has participated in many success movies winning several international awards. He is the Mexican actor who has won the most Ariel Awards, among those in 1998 for “Bajo California: el limite del tiempo” by Carlos Bolado, in 2004 for “Crónicas” by Sebastián Cordero, in 1999 and in 2010 for “La ley de Herodes” and “El infierno” by Luís Estrada, with which he also won the Diosas de Plata Award and ACE Awards as best actor. With Luís Estrada he also performed in “Un mundo maravilloso” and “La dictadura perfecta”. He has worked in almost thirty Mexican movies and several international movies such as “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” by Andrew Adamson. In the “The Four Altars” he is Don Abel, the main character who will change Ana’s life forever.

Magaly Solier

Peruvian actress and singer-songwriter. She is one of the greatest and young talents in the new Peruvian and international cinema. She began her career with the Peruvian movie “Madeinusa”, then starred in “La Teta Asustada” by Claudio Llosa that won many awards, including the Golden Bear at the Berlinale in 2009. This movie showed Magaly to the International filmmakers, naming her as Best Actress at the film festivals of Lima, Gramado, Guadalajara and Montreal. She did many national and international movies such as the Belgian-German-Dutch “Altiplano”, “Amador” of the Spanish Fernando León de Aranoa and “Blackthorn” with actors such as Sam Shepard and Eduardo Noriega. Through continuous activity in the world of cinema, theater and music, Magaly is one of the largest representatives artist in the world of Peruvian and Andean culture.

cast-dianaDiana Quijano

Actress born in Lima, Perú. She left her country in 1993, helping to pave the way for Peruvian actors abroad. Before leaving Peru she worked in theater, films and tv. She was part of the STAINLESS STEEL Dance groups, and GRUPO UNO with whom she traveled all over Peru and made theatrical tours in the South of Spain. Afterwards she participated in the Ibero-American Theater Festival. In Television she made several projects such as: “Gamboa”, “Barragán”, “La Pensión”, “There is No Crying for”, “The Man Who Must Die”, “Bad Woman” and as for cinema she made several short films such as “Steps”, “Everyday”, “La Rival”, “Raquel”, “Fatal Distraction”, and feature films: “Detective Profession”, “Crime Zone”, “Welcome to Oblivion”, “Fire in the Amazon”, “La Manzanita del Diablo”.

cast-valentinaValentina Vargas
Doña Sofía

Valentina was born in Santiago de Chile, where she began her studies at the Camilo Henríquez Theater. She jumped to international fame with the movie “The name of the Rose”, directed by Jean Jaques Annaud next to Sean Connery. She has worked in films like “Deep Blue” by Luc Besson, in “Dirty Games” by Benjamin Best, and with cult director Sam Fuller in the movie “Street of no return” nominated at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. She also worked with Tomas Gilou in “Chili con Carne”, “Los Náufragos” directed by Miguel Littín, Jullien Magnat in “Bloody Mallory”, “Faces in the Crowd” with Milla Jovovich, in “Todo Incluido” by Rodrigo Ortuzar, in “Optical Illusions” by Cristian Jiménez and with the renowned director Raúl Ruiz in” La noche de Enfrente “. She participated in more than 20 international feature films and in 2020 she will act in one of the main roles in the movie “The Four Altars”.


Eivaut was born in Mexico in 1988. Mexican film and television actor, he became well known for having starred in the series “Run Coyote Run”. He works from a young age in film and television, debuting in 2013 in the series “Alguien más.” He studied as an actor at the Televisa center and participated in various projects such as “Simplemente Maria” and “40 and 20”. He will star in “La Marca del Demonio” alongside Eduardo Noriega. In 2020 he will be Andrés, one of the main roles of the movie “The Four Altars”.