Alonso del Río

Writer, producer and Peruvian director. Alonso is known throughout the world for his medicine music and his books. He is an important source of knowledge of sacred plants and works actively in defense of the Peruvian Amazon. He is also the co-founder of the Educational Association Wiñaypaq, a project that provides conscious and free education to children of the Andean communities.

CO DIRECTOR and 1stAD: Luis Adán Zayas

Mexican filmmaker, documentary filmmaker and filmmaker. He has more than 20 years of experience working in productions and film and cultural TV in Mexico City, which has made him a multidisciplinary artist.

CO DIRECTOR: Federico Abdenur

Federico Abdenur Argentine audiovisual director and producer. He has directed various video and TV projects with his production company Eleven Films in Mexico. Committed to the message of The Four Altars, he has supported the project since its inception.

Juan Cristobal Castillero

Mexican cinematographer with more than 25 years of experience in film and TV production. His vast experience has made him a reference in the Tapatío Film industry and has established him as a versatile and highly professional cinematographer. He is without a doubt a key pillar for The Four Altars team.

PRODUCER (Mexican shooting): Karen Martin del Campo

Mexican film producer and cultural manager. She has produced and collaborated in different independent short and feature film projects, she has worked as a producer on multiple video and photography projects, as well as artistic and cultural projects.

PRODUCER (Peruvian shooting):
Beto Benites

In 1996 he founded CROMAUNO AUDIOVISUALES. He has worded as a film and video producer in Caracas, and in 2017 he founded the film company +58 PRODUCCIONES in Lima. His works include movies, short fiction and documentaries made in Venezuela and Peru.

Beyker Bances

With solid experience in designing and planning production of film projects. Expert in developing commercial strategies, creation of strengths and sales concepts in all types of film projects. Among his works is the production of the first Peruvian Western, PUEBLO VIEJO, short movies and series projects for television, two of them winners of the Ministry of Culture Series Pilots Contest.